What folks are saying about WLS Success Matters - Testimonials


Contributed by a happy participant in The Original WLS Success Matters Weekly Weigh-In Group™:


Being part of The Original WLS Success Matters Weekly Weigh-In Group™ seems like such a small thing but I feel like it is THE thing that has pushed me to be successful so far. 


Today I bought size 14 jeans from Old Navy without trying them on.  I didn't believe that I was a true size 14 yet, so when I got home I started giving myself a pep talk about how in a few weeks I will surely be able to wear these jeans, they were going to be motivation jeans.  I tried them on and they fit with room to spare.  I lost weight during December and even through the week of Christmas. 


I get startled sometimes when I see my reflection in a shop window, it's hard to believe that woman is me.  In March I thought I would only be able to get down to 180lbs, today I am 15lbs away from that goal so I have realized that my ultimate goal is yet to be determined and is far from 180.  A man in a cowboy hat told me today that I was beautiful. 


All of these triumphs were possible because The Original WLS Success Matters Weekly Weigh-In Group™ has encouraged and challenged me to be my BEST SELF.  Thanks for all of the shares and wisdom I am looking forward to this year's journey with all of you guys.


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